The slats we supply are all manufactured to the highest possible standards and have been designed to provide the optimum space to surface ratio for animal comfort and cleanliness.

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We are able to offer a range of different types of slats, including:

  • Cattle Slats - available standard (4.5t axle loading) or heavy duty (up to 8t axle loading) with standard or slip resistant surface to give the livestock secure footing.  Ideal for between cubicles or where got bulling heifers or cows.
  • Jumbo Gang Slats – designed to give a greater span (up to 5000mm (16’ 5”)) with a higher axle loading (up to 10t). Available with slip resistant surface.
  • Multi Purpose Slats - suitable for sheep, cows, calves and pigs.
  • Straw Bedded Slats – designed for use in calving pens and areas where young stock is housed.  Main advantage is having accommodation on top with slurry storage underneath and also reduces the amount of straw usage. Available either 6t or 8t axle loading so can be cleaned out using a telehandler.
  • Safety or Manhole Slats - can be used in conjunction with any of above gangs and provides easy access to the tank to mix with a pump or for a hose to draw the slurry.  Come with a lockable galvanised steel safety grid located below three removable concrete mini ribs.
  • Solid Manhole Slabs – ideal where the tank extends outside the shed to enable easy access to either mix or draw the slurry.  Available in various widths.
Straw Bedded Slat

Safety or Manhole Slat

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