Precast concrete slatted systems have been used as an effective means of housing cattle and other livestock since the late 1960’s.

In more recent times the predominant house type which has been constructed utilises liquid manure storage systems as the availability and cost of straw has become prohibitive.

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Many units now, both dairy and beef are constructed with the floor fully suspended providing slurry storage underneath with accommodation and feeding area above.  There are many possible combinations using precast cubicle bases, gang slats and solid slabs to form feed passages and/or bedded areas.

The underground tank can be constructed using the patented Harrison Underground Tank System which is a simple, quick and cost effective way of constructing a slurry tank. See section on Underground Storage Tanks for further information.



Some of the benefits of a suspended floor system compared to a straw bedded or solid passage system are as follows:

  • Reduced incidences of hoof related problems such as slurry heel and digital dermatitis as the slurry can get away through the slats therefore keeping the cows feet cleaner and drier.
  • Effective slurry storage underneath which saves valuable farmyard space and can be easily handled using umbilical or tanker based systems.
  • With adequate storage the slurry can be spread at the optimum time for grass/crop to utilise the nutrients and thus reduce the quantity of fertiliser required and also potentially reduce the risk of watercourse pollution.
  • Suspended flooring systems are cheaper and more efficient to manage than straw bedded systems as there is no need to use straw which has been scarce and expensive in recent years.
  • Poorly managed straw bedded systems can lead to higher cell counts.
  • Moore Concrete slats are manufactured to a very high standard giving a very long & maintenance free life.
  • Moore Concrete slats have been designed to give the optimum space to surface area ratio thus optimising animal comfort and cleanliness.
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