We can supply either single or double (head to head) precast cubicle bases in a range of sizes from 2135mm (7’) to 5485mm (18’) long. 

Width is standard at 1141mm.

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The sloping units are available with variable head and heel heights and are ready for cow mattresses and do not require a concrete screed. They are capable of accommodating any make of proprietary cubicle system.

The precast bases can be quickly and easily installed in a suspended floor situation, where they not only provide accommodation for the cow but also slurry storage underneath. This is often much needed extra slurry storage.


Portable single cubicle bases with a straight front leg mushroom cubicle attached (bolted down) are also available.  These are easily moved and are ideal when needing some extra temporary accommodation.

The cubicle end walls provide the ultimate end to a run of cubicles and are available to suit any size of cubicle bases.  They are not only quick and easy to install but more importantly provide a very stable, robust and secure wall with design features such as chamfered edges to make animal friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The end wall can be further complimented with the addition of the In House Water Trough which is a very neat (only 675mm wide), easily accessible and animal friendly way of providing water for stock.

See section on Precast Water Troughs for further information.



  • Fast and clean installation.
  • Base is ready for cubicle and mattress.
  • Labour saving - eliminates the need for levelling stones or concrete bed.
  • Readily adaptable to various cubicle systems.
  • No need for floor slabs under cubicle bases.
  • Extra slurry storage underneath.
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