Leading experts in cattle lameness actively promote the regular use of footbaths, particularly for dairy cows to reduce the incidences of lameness caused by digital dermatitis and such like in the herd. 

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Regular use can result in an increase in cow productivity and thus profit. Lameness is estimated to cost £9,900 per 100 dairy cows, (DEFRA 2007) and is one of the biggest problems within the industry.

Recent recommendations include having two footbaths, the first containing just water and the second with the solution.  This reduces solution contamination, thus leading to a more effective treatment and reduction in solution usage.

We are able to supply footbaths in a range of sizes and are designed for use on either a solid floor or suspended above a tank and come as standard with a 100mm (4”) bung so can drain quickly as and when required. Additional inlets or outlets are possible if required. 

The floor of the footbath has a slightly roughened surface to provide secure footing for livestock.

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