Rigid twin wall HDPE (high density polyethylene) drainage pipes are supplied in a range of sizes from 100mm to 600mm diameter, in six metre lengths and are available either perforated or non-perforated.

Separate slim-line couplers, bends and ‘Y’ and ‘T’ junctions are available and also rubber seals to achieve an effective watertight joint if required.

The outer wall is corrugated while the inner wall is smooth. It is a combination of the corrugations combined with the heat welding of the two walls that give the pipe its unique strength. It is this strength that makes it suitable for installation to depths of up to ten metres and its smooth inner wall ensures increased flow capacity.

Rigid twin wall has superseded the concrete pipe and has a broad range of applications and is suitable for use in Civil Engineering, Construction, Sports Amenity, Agricultural and sub-soil applications. It can also be used for surface and storm water drainage as well as land drainage.

We stock up to 600mm diameter pipe and an extensive range of fittings throughout the year.

Twin wall Features:

  • Plastic pipe can be laid four times faster than concrete pipes.
  • It requires only 50% of plant normally used to lay concrete pipe.
  • Easier handling as weighs considerably less than concrete.
  • Far less likely to suffer on-site damage.
  • Easier cutting at entries to manholes for rocker pipes.
  • Six metre lengths mean fewer joints and faster installation compared to precast concrete pipes.
  • Plastic pipe is resistant to naturally occurring chemicals.
  • Safer to use in relation to health and safety issues.

Nominal I/D
Nominal O/D
100 118
150 180
225 268
300 355
375 426
450 510
600 675

Larger sizes are available on request.
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