Precast Concrete Manholes or safety gang slats and passage slabs can be used in conjunction with any standard gang slat to enable easy and safe access to the slurry tank to mix or draw the slurry.

The manhole slats come complete with three removable concrete inserts and a hinged, galvanised safety grid for added security while the manhole passage slabs come with a galvanised steel lid with safety grid below.

The manhole passage slabs can either be installed inside the shed or provide the option of a mixing point outwith the shed, removing the need to have access for the tractor and pump inside the shed to agitate the slurry.  This is also advantageous when drawing the slurry whether through a conventional pipe on the slurry tanker or for an umbilical slurry system.

The manhole slabs are available in a range of sizes with either a 750mm (2’ 6”) x 750mm (2’ 6”) or 900mm (3’) x 900mm (3’) access.

Safety Slat
Safety Slat
Manhole Slat
Safety (manhole) slat with safety grid

Additional Information

The Manhole (Safety) Slats and Passage Covers are CE Marked and manufactured to EN 12737 and EN 13747 respectively.  Full specification is available in Moore Concrete’s Declaration of Performance for Safety Slats and Passage Covers .

For full installation and handing guidance on the Safety slats and Passage Covers, please refer to Storage and Handling Instructions.