M J Harrison Supplies, in conjunction with Moore Concrete have exhibited at the Royal Highland Show for a number of years and we have used it as a launch pad for many new products in that time.

We generally have two artic loads of products on our stand at the Royal Highland Show and endeavour to launch a few new products each year...

Are you having to replace the wooden straining posts in a fence within a few years of erection? If the answer is yes, then why not consider a concrete straining post.

The precast concrete straining post is a customer led product. We were constantly hearing farmers and landowners commenting that the wooden strainers

Discover why Precast Concrete Water Troughs are a sound investment for providing water to cattle or sheep

Have you had the situation where you’ve went out to a field of cattle only to find them ‘playing’ with the water trough in the middle of the field and a stream

Are you heading to Scotland’s Beef Event?

This biennial event, organised by the Scottish Beef Association, will take place on Thursday, May 30, 2019, and will be hosted by Robbie and Barbara Milne

With silage season fast approaching we thought it would be a good idea to let you know which concrete products are suitable for construction of a new or renovation of an existing silage pit/clamp.

With the expensive winter behind us owing to recent increases in the cost of feed and concentrates, maybe now is a good time to look at the ways you prepare