Our own design and patented underground tank system is constructed using a combination of steel and prestressed panels with all joints sealed using an approved sealant.

The tried and tested system is a quick and cost effective way to construct an underground tank and can be installed successfully by any competent farmer or contractor.

The underground storage tanks can either be left open as a lagoon, covered with slats or if a suspended floor covered with a combination of slats, cubicles and passage covers.

We are able to supply underground tanks in any size and various depths up to 2.4m (8’) deep. The tanks system is structurally certified and approved by the statutory environment agencies.

They are suitable for the storage of slurry, sewage or water.

Underground Slurry Tank constructed using Harrison Tank System
Underground Slurry Tank constructed using Harrison Tank System
Underground Slurry Tanks
Lagoon constructed using Harrison Tank System

Features & benefits of the Underground Storage Tanks include:

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    Very quick to install compared to other forms of constructing a tank or lagoon.
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    Simple installation procedure.
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    Cost effective means of providing a storage tank.
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    Ability to use as a lagoon initially and then cover with precast and put a shed over at later stage to spread capital outlay.
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    Does not require a crane to install.
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    Size very flexible to suit application.


Site Preparation The pit is excavated, levelled and layered with hardcore.
Structural Steel Framework Steel framework is installed and the bottom steel work is set on a concrete pad.
Concrete Wall Panels The concrete panels are then lowered into position between uprights using a telehandler.
Insitu Concrete Floor The concrete floor is poured insitu to entire tank to give a minimum cover to base steel work.
Mesh reinforcement is installed locally over steel framework.
Sealant All joints are sealed using an approved sealant as directed by manufacturer.
Finishing To finish off, the steel uprights are encased on the inside using the moulds supplied.
System Certification The system has a structural engineer’s certificate and is supplied with full installation details.