We are able to supply four different products suitable for creating a wall, whether temporary or permanent, boundary or dividing wall or free standing or retaining wall.  These products are Bunker Walls, Retainer or ‘L’ Walls, Prestressed Horizontal Panels and Quikbloc which is a lego type block.  They all provide a simple, quick and cost effective way to form individual or multiple storage bays for bulk materials including silage, grain, animal feed, aggregate, woodchip for biomass, recycled material, waste, etc.

These products are all customer led and while all serve the same or similar purpose, the choice of the most suitable product will be determined by the application in relation to factors such as portability, whether temporary or permanent, non-retaining or load bearing, cost and versatility.

The most versatile of the products is probably the bunker wall which are available in a variety of heights and has fork lift recesses to enable movement very quickly and easily and does not need to be fixed down (depending on application).

The prestressed panels which are either put up against or into the webb of a steel post, can either be used for loading or non-load bearing and are able to be made in whatever length is required for the application and in various heights.

Retainer walls are probably most suited to forming permanent storage bays, while the quikbloc work well where you want to form a temporary wall or partition without the need to lay any foundation, therefore saving time and money.

2.4m high Free Standing Bunker Retaining Walls used to store garden waste to be recycled

Bunker Walls


Free Standing Retainer Walls


Prestressed Wall Panels